Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Apple Photos App Provides a Smooth Convenient Way To Organize and Edit Your Photos

As a user completely immersed in the Apple ecosystem, and someone that has used Lightroom and Photoshop since it was invented, I find the Apple Photos App a strong motivation to use the iPhone as my main camera.

The photos and video that you shoot just migrate from the iPhone you use to shoot with to your iCloud account and the Photos App of all your other Apple devices (iPad, iMacs and laptops) without you needing to do anything. In the video above Paul Minors describes how he uses these features. This is the way all cameras should work!

While the Photos App provides many useful photo editing features, you will probably want more and it provides a way to use other more powerful editors too. As an example here is a great editing tutorial by Emil Pakarklis from iPhone Photography School.

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